Lighting Control and Home Automation Services Sydney

“Control systems are fast becoming an expectation rather than the exception in quality projects and taking on a project without specialised experience and training could be professionally and financially devastating.”

Lighting Control and Home Autoamtion Services for Electricians

Services For Electricians

It’s your customer all the way…
We work discretely as a sub-contractor to you. We’re sensitive to your relationship with the client. We can have as much or as little contact with your customer as you feel comfortable with.

Services for Home Owners

Nowadays, any home building project, whether it be a new build or renovation, has to take into account factors such as energy efficiency, environmental impact, comfort and safety. Control Freq will guide you on your journey and deliver on our promises.
Lighting Control and Automation Services for Building Owners

Services for Building Managers

Reliability and long term operational performance of your Lighting Control and Automation systems gives building manager one less thing to worry about. Control Freq delivers cost effective, fast services.

Lighting Control and Home Automation Services for Architects Sydney

Services for Architects

We help architects design and specify lighting control and home automation systems considering energy efficiency and environmental impact, in addition to the basic needs of comfort, safety and convenience.

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